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Getbhavcopy version 2.1.10a released

Posted on January 13, 2017 at 1:45 PM

Getbhavcopy version 2.1.9a, which i released couple of days back, did happen to resolve the issues with NSE data download for most of the users. However users still using Windows XP were reporting the following error message while trying to download data with version 2.1.9a:

Message Error checking version support for Getbhavcopy using static file.

Message The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.

Getbhavcopy version 2.1.10a is being released to address this issue such that Windows XP users will be able to use Getbhavcopy.

Note to users still using Windows XP :

With Microsoft no longer supporting Windows XP, most websites are implementing HTTPs certificates that remove support for the RC4 cipher - the best one in Windows XP. With the servers no longer supporting it, XP was unable to communicate with Github over HTTPs.

Read more -

It is a matter of time as other sites will also follow suite and if NSE/BSE do this upgrade, then there is no way Getbhavcopy will work on your machine.

So i request Windows XP users to upgrade their OS. Moreover in future versions of Getbhavcopy I cannot gurantee Windows XP support.

Download link :

Having some issues with publishing the downlods page, so the link there still points to 2.1.9a. Use the above link to download 2.1.10a

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