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Getbhavcopy version 2.1.7a released

Posted on December 24, 2015 at 7:10 PM

With the number of issues faced by the community with Getbhavcopy version 2.1.6a I felt it would be best to release a new version, but in doing so, it would make sense to have some functionality released in the new version rather than simply rebuild version 2.1.6a.

So I am releasing version 2.1.7a that fixes the issue with BSE Indices data download which has been broken since a long time.

Additionally, I used this opportunity to completely automate mybuild process and with that also fixed the issue that caused Getbhavcopy version 2.1.6a to be falsely detected as a virus by some antivirus softwares. The root cause of the problem was the way in which ConfuserEX packed a protected executable.

So before releasing 2.1.7a to the community I checked the executable using VirusTotal and can confirm that it is not being falsely detected as virus. The analysis results are in the below link

Getbhavcopy version 2.1.7a analysis by VirusTotal.

Feel free to check the file build version and MD5 checksums with the one in the VirusTotal link above to ensure that everything is good.

So head over to the Getbhavcopy Download Page, and get the latest version of Getbhavcopy.

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