Getbhavcopy: Free NSE and BSE data downloader

Importing Getbhavcopy data into FCharts

This tutorial is created with the help of various members of Getbhavcopy community, notably Mr. Murthy

FCharts is a FREE technical analysis software available from Spacejock Software. There is also a PRO version available for a price but the FREE version is just fine if you do not wish to spend money. The PRO version is reasonably priced i.e. about Rs.5000 and by looking at the features looks worth the price.

You can download FCharts Free version and the NSE/BSE Historical data in ASCII format.

Importing Historical data

Download the FREE version of FCharts and install it. Also download the NSE historical data in ASCII format and extract the zip file into a folder. Assume you extracted the ASCII files in the folder C:\NSEImport, now we will import this historical data first into FCharts so that you get historical data which can be updated using Getbhavcopy. Follow these stems to import the historical data.

Start FCharts. Click on the 'Import Export' button on the Top Left corner of FCharts. This will bring up the following window.


In this window now click the 'Import Folder' button. Browse to the folder where you have extracted the ASCII NSE historical data downloaded above. In our example we extracted it in C:\NSEImport. In that folder select any file and click 'Open'.

Now this will take about 20 to 30 minutes to import all the data. Once the data is imported check the center drop down in FCharts. It will have the NSE Symbols, select one and the charts will open.

Importing daily Getbhavcopy EOD data in FCharts

Importing daily EOD files downloaded using Getbhavcopy is similar to the above procedure. But this time in the 'Import Export Window' select 'Import Price Files'

Then select the EOD file download using Getbhavcopy and the data will be imported into FCharts.