Getbhavcopy: Free NSE and BSE data downloader

Importing Getbhavcopy data into Metastock

Once you are done downloading the EOD data from NSE and BSE using Getbhavcopy, you can use the 'Convert' tool of Metastock Downloader utility to import the data into you Metastock NSE and BSE database.

I recommend that you use different Metastock databases for storing your NSE and BSE data.

In case you are interested in downloading historical National Stock Exchange, India (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) EOD data in Metastock format then check additional downloads for Getbhavcopy.

As an example we will try to import the NSE EOD data downloaded using Getbhavcopy for 05-Dec-2008  

Convert ASCII data to Metastock data using Downloader

Start the 'Downloader' utility provided with Metastock. From the 'Tools' menu select 'Convert'.

A window (as shown in the image below) will popup. This windows allows us to set various options which are needed to import ASCII data downloaded using Getbhavcopy from NSE and BSE server into Metastock.

In the 'Source' section, select filetype as 'ASCII Text'. Next click the 'Browse' button to select the file which contains the data you need to import.

For our example, we select file 'C:\Getbhavcopy\NSE\2008-12-05-NSE-EQ.txt', downloaded in the NSE data download directory you setup in Getbhavcopy Options Tab.

So now the window looks something like this.

 In the 'Destination' section, select file type as "Metastock". Click Browse and select the folder where your Metastock NSE data is contained. On my machine it is in "C:\Hemen\Metastock Data\NSE" (select the appropriate location on your machine).

So now we have successfully setup the 'Source' and 'Destination' locations. Now to setup the conversion options.

Conversion options for Getbhavcopy data to Metastock

Click the 'Options' button on the 'Convert Securities' popup window shown above. This will open another popup window titled 'Conversion Options' as shown below. It has two tabs 'Source' and 'Destination' 


The only setting you need to change here is the 'Date Range' section.

Since in our example we are importing the data for just one day (i.e. 05-Dec-2008) we set both, 'First date' and 'Last date' to 12/5/2008. (Metastock follows USA date standard, mm/dd/yy).

Just check if the settings in the 'Destination' tab are as follows, Ignore the check boxes in the 'Fields to Output' section.

Click OK to save the 'Conversion Options' settings.

Click  OK on the 'Convert Securities' window to start importing the data.

Conversion Report

Wait for some time. The conversion report will then be displayed. Check for errors if any.

A green check mark next to the file means data was successfully converted and stored. A yellow triangle means that warnings exist. A red X means that errors exist.