Getbhavcopy: Free NSE and BSE data downloader

Create required directories

Create required directories 

Throughout this documentation, I assume that

  • "C:\Getbhavcopy" is the Getbhavcopy installation directory.
  • "C:\Getbhavcopy\NSE" is the NSE data download directory.
  • "C:\Getbhavcopy\BSE" is the BSE data download directory.

Create "C:\Getbhavcopy", "C:\Getbhavcopy\NSE" and "C:\Getbhavcopy\BSE" directories manually.

You can have these directories as whatever you like but make sure you use your corresponding directories while setting options in Getbhavcopy and while importing the downloaded data.

Download .NET Framework and Getbhavcopy

Starting with version 2.1.4a, Getbhavcopy requires .NET Framework 4.0 to work. First download and install the framework from Microsoft site.

Next download Getbhavcopy from the download page. Getbhavcopy is distributed as a simple zip file. The zip file contains Getbhavcopy.exe and the corresponding config file. Copy the Getbhavcopy.exe and Getbhavcopy.exe.config files into "C:\Getbhavcopy" folder you created above. It is important to have the config file in the same directory as Getbhavcopy.exe.

Double click Getbhavcopy.exe to start the application.

Setting Getbhavcopy Options

he Options tab will be displayed with the default settings.

Please read the Getbhavcopy Options page to get an understanding of the functionality provided by each setting.

Once all options are provided, the Options tab looks as follows

 Click "Save" to save the settings. Once done you will be taken to the Download tab.

Downloading stock EOD data

On the Download Tab, select Start date and End date for the range of days you want to download the EOD data. To download data for one day keep both start date and end date same.

e.g. To download data for 5-DEC-2008, both start date and end date should be "05/12/2008".

Click "Download Bhavcopy" button to start downloading the data. You can see the data being downloaded in the status area.

Wait till you see the message "****** Data Download Complete ******".

The files will be downloaded in the NSE and BSE destination directory you specified in the options tab.